chanel blue satin w/ Azur topcoat - PICS needed Please!

  1. I know some of you are wearing Azur as a topcoat for Blue Satin. Could someone post pics of what this looks like? I purchased blue satin the other day and almost purchased Azur too, but decided to hold off. I'd like to see what the 2 look like together before I do. TIA!!
  2. i'm too last to take pics and post, but it looks awesome together...even on my darker skin :smile:
  3. Here u go!;) (found this on the web..)

  4. LV, Thanks so much! :yes: Wow, the Azur makes blue satin a much bluer shade...hmm...
  5. i prob wouldn't wear the blue satin w/out the azur...otherwise it just looks black...the blue azur makes it look awesome
  6. That looks great!
  7. hummm I may get them to use on my toes, I rejected it last week because I wanted polish I could use on my fingernails for work...thanks for enabling me!
  8. Wow I love that!! I bought both this week, and white satin and the rose (so all 4 new colors :amuse) I am excited to try them all out!
  9. ^Megs, have you tried pink satin? It is a bit more sheer and goes on easier than the rose satin IMO. The rose satin got kind of chunky looking :-/
  10. thanks for the pic. i just got blue satin for Xmas. i'll have to pick up Azur too!
  11. Great pic! Already have blue satin, but I'm thinking I may need to get Azur... I love how they look together.
  12. YW all!! :welcome:
  13. Haha Megs, I bought all 4 too!!! :upsidedown:
  14. Very cool! I will have to go back and pick up the Azur too!!
  15. that looks really good. thanks for the pic.