Chanel Blue Satin stained my nails

  1. I thought I would be fine because Black Satin didn't do this to me. I have only had this problem once before. It was with Nars Jungle Fever. My nails are stained blue now. I am leaving polish off for the next two weeks to see if it fades. Has this happened to anyone else and is there anything I can do to take away the stain? My nails look dirty now. :throwup:
  2. I painted mine the other day just to see what I looked like, so I didn't have it on for more than an hour, but it did stain my nails and they did look really dirty, but I just washed them and used more remover and it went away.
  3. oh dear, next time apply a top coat before you put on the nail color. that happens to me all the time with red nail polish

    but for now, get a cotton ball and nail polish remover (with acetone its works great) and just swipe it off your skin and nails. then just clean the inside of your nails and wash your hands
  4. Did you use a base coat (clear coat) first before applying the blue satin?
  5. Yes I used same base and top coats I always use. This has not happened to me with Russian Navy or any other dark blue polish. Plus like I said, it never happened with Black Satin either. It is just Blue Satin that did it. It's quite annoying because I literally used half a bottle of polish remover and its still on. I might see if I can maybe gently buff it off. I feel like a dirty smurf. LOL
  6. ^^ try washing your hands over and over. thats what did it for me. or when you want to wear that color take it to your nearest nail salon and let them do it.
  7. LOL you are assuming I would ever do my own nails. I always take my own polish off a day before I go to the salon to let my nails breath. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions.
  8. Do you have Acetone Polish Remover? I used to have this problem until I got a remover with acetone. If that won't work don't then ...:confused1:
  9. Well, pooooo... I was thinking of stopping on my way home to buy this at Lord & Taylor....
  10. I just looked at the remover and it IS acetone. The buffing helped a little. I also have Blue Satin on my toes but I'm leaving it on until I go to get a pedi. I don't want to see the blue toes. :yucky:

    Just be prepared if you use it ladies. You've been warned. :p I have 3 bottles of the stuff. :lol:
  11. I've heard that using a bit of hydrogen peroxide can help with nail polish staining on fingernails. Might be worth a try! But you don't want to do it more than once or twice a month. Think I read that in Allure. . .

  12. LMAO!! well, in that case have them take care of that.
  13. I'll take a bottle off your hands, Hubba! LOL!!!

    I can only wear nail polish on my toes :sad: Stupid Army regulations.

    ETA: I can get away with something like pink satin (barely) or any neutral color. But no awesome colors. BOOOO!!!!!
  14. lemon juice is good for false tan stain so maybe it'll work on nail stains too but I don't know if it'll make your nails weak maybe a little research first

    LOL dirty smurf
  15. Peroxide is about the only thing I have found that works for me. :tup: