Chanel Blue Satin polish!!

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  1. Look at this! I didn't think I was into the navy polish, but I think I like this...
  2. That's pretty. I checked NM and its sold out.
  3. i preordered it a couple of days ago for delivery of dec. 14th. is this out in stores already? i thought it was coming in dec/jan.
  4. oh boy, another one I have to have!
  5. To anyone who has Russian Navy, does this Chanel color look darker to you? I really can't tell.
  6. WOW!! that is a really pretty color
  7. Nice color. I would like it on toes. I'm not gonna go crazy trying to get this though. I went thru that with the chanel black satin & noir ceramic. I'll probably just get another brand that looks similar.
  8. OMG sooo pretty!!! :drool: LOL, I love dark blue! Even though it's back ordered I still ordered 2 bottles (from NM), and a bottle for each of my nieces. They'll love it!! :yes:

    I can't wait to get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:

    (btw: I ck'd all the other stores: Macy's, Nordy's, Chanel site, Saks, and none of them had Blue Satin available yet....Only NM, and also Bergdorf Goodman to order. Both are backordered though...).
  9. I must have this color! I called Macys and the SA said she didn't think they were getting it until January, I gave her my name and number to call when it arrives.
  10. It's hard to tell, but it looks just like Russian Navy or Ink to me.
  11. i just pre-ordered it thanks for posting
  12. Thanks for posting it! I wonder where I could preorder it in the UK...:confused1:
  13. OMG!!! I've been waiting for this day to come!!!! I really think this is going to blow the black satin craze out the water. This is going to be such a hot item and will go FAST!! All the ebayers will be stocking up on this one!! I just talked to one of my friends who works at the chanel counter, and she said people are ALREADY going crazy about this color...and its not released yet. So if you can pre-order I would def do it.
  14. chanel in canada has no clue so i had to preorder from
  15. I'm a total Chanel addict.. but I already own Russian Navy and I'm not so much into it, so I don't think I'll be getting it. I'd love to see some side-by-side comparisons on similar shades though!