chanel black/white pearls necklace on ebay

  1. :confused1:can somebody help me in identifying what a fake from a real one look like. cause i want to buy one from eBay but i can't tell what ones are real and what ones are fake. and what did they retail for.
    thank so much
  2. They retailed for $1,250 - if you see them for much less then they are most likely fake.
  3. thanks are there any detials i should look for.
  4. It's too difficult with these to authenticate based on pictures. The fake ones look as good as the real ones in pictures. I have been looking for these authentic pearls on eBay for over a year, have not found them yet. What I'm hoping for is someone who has the original box (with stickers) and a receipt.

    Here's an authentic black / white necklace on eBay, but not exactly the one you are referring to.
  5. thanks guess i will just have to keep looking
  6. I have been looking for this for a while too... and I can just never be sure about its authenticity, for all the reasons Mon pointed out. I've been told that the necklace has been highly faked due to its popularity, and highly sought after especially after it's appearance on Anne Hathaway in "The Devil wears Prada" - so it's hard.