Chanel Black/White Pearl Necklace

  1. Hi everyone! I was hoping I'd be able to get some help here... I am looking for the black/white pearl long necklace and I've had no luck finding one... Can someone possibly help and put me on the right track? I'd greatly appreciate it! I've been reading these threads for a while, and was actually able to get the vinyl and bronze coco cabas bags with the help of the ladies on here!

  2. The black/white necklace is sold out everywhere. I've been looking for months for one myself, but all of the one's I see on eBay are fake.:sad:
  3. I know, I've been running into the same problem! The fake ones on eBay are still getting bought though - makes me sick!
  4. I've wanted them too! From what I understand, there is one coming out this spring. It's going to be more "funsy". It will spell out the words " Coco Chanel". I believe that there are going to be metallic pearls as well. Check out the "look" book at your local boutique. This is where I've seen everything.
  5. Will definitely check it out... Thanks!
  6. I've purchased from Dgjeans on eBay, and everything so far has been authentic. Rana on Ebay (whose email I received from burberry_princess) See about me page (eBay View About Me for burberry_princess), who has been so helpful to me, has said his reputation is to only sell authentic Chanel.

    He has a black and white necklace up for sale. So....its worth looking into I think. But if you should find out, or other people here think its fake, please let me know! As I may have to take up issue with him too.

    eBay: CHANEL Black White Pearl Jewelry Belt Necklace CC Charm (item 150088428726 end time Feb-13-07 20:10:54 PST)
  7. I know people always say you can wear those jewelry belts as necklaces, but I find it looks a bit odd when worn around the neck.

    The belt in the above auction looks good as a belt... but the attached pictures the seller is showing, is for the necklace.

    Does anyone successfully wear their belts as necklaces?
  8. What's the retail for that ??
  9. Look on the Chanel website under the accessories spring/summer '07. It is the last one. Very nice looking! :yes:

  10. Yes, I think it looks odd as a necklace too.:confused1:
  11. I have worn the belt as a necklace before, but you have to wear it with several other necklaces, so it blends it and kind of hides the fact that is doubled on one side.
    You know it really irks me when these ebayers advertise that black and white belt "as seen on Devil Wears Prada". She never wore that belt, it was two other necklace strands. Grrr! False advertising!:cursing:
  12. The ebayers sucker you in with their ads, and in reality the necklaces she wore in Devils Wear Prada were like form 2 seasons ago since that was when film production started.

    In the movie wasn't she wearing some belts as necklaces? I always wondered how that would look, and if other people have done it and pulled it off.
  13. I think you can only wear a belt as a necklace if it hooks much higher, and gives the look of a double or triple strand, otherwise it looks funny IMO. I would love to find authentic black/white pearls myself, and have been searching to no avail! I think a while back I saw an authentic pair from sweetface (or some seller with a similar name), but every other pair I've seen has been fake :sad:

  14. I am pretty sure that I've annoyed every SA at all the Chanel boutiques looking for this necklace! The more they tell me it's not available, the more I want it!!! Not sure I like the belt idea though, requires too much work to pull it off.
  15. However, have you ever noticed that they always use the belts as necklaces in the Boutique? I don't think they have enough real necklaces to dress the mannequins, so they resort to using the belts... which is fine, because on a mannequin, they can hide the awkward areas under jackets and scarves and make it look really nice.

    For the rest of us... it looks a little odd, if we were to try and do that...