chanel black satin

  1. Is Chanel Black Satin Nail Polish Still Available Somewhere?thank You Guys.
  2. my best advice is try somewhere that carries chanel cosmetics that very fashionable women normally wouldn't shop. i got mine at Dillard's, which is hardly 'high-end,' after a Nordstrom SA told me that she heard that they had some left. the Nordstrom had been sold out for over a week, but the Dillard's, which was in the very same mall, still had one left (i got the last one!). so i'd say try very suburban malls (or even slightly rural ones), because the ones closer in to large cities are more likely to be frequented by the kind of clientele that will snap up something like Black Satin.
  3. Thank You Amanda.
  4. It was available at my Bloomingdales Chanel counter when I was there a week ago.
  5. check the chanel black satin VS vamp for inspiration
  6. OPI has a black that is very close
  7. i found some yesterday in london but i'm a bit :shame: to say that i snapped up a few bottles and put them on ebay :shame:
  8. Oddly though Annanas, I picked some up and they told me that it is going to be a staple colour now, not a special limited edition. Do you think that is true :smile:
    (good luck with the ebay sales though, I currently have it on my nails and feet and it is fab!
  9. selfridges gave the standard "oh so sold out etc.." speech and boots said it was their second delivery and my friend and got the last few bottles. rouge noir was supposed to be limited edition too and things were crazy for a while until they made it a permanent colour so it's probably the same sort of thing.
  10. I pray it is here to stay. Chanel needs a permanent black polish.
  11. well one of mine got BINd already! :yahoo:
  12. I think that color was THE choice of celebs (including J-Lo and Fergie) for the MTV VMAs!
  13. I bet that Dior or YSL has a good Black polish that would be comparable.
  14. The Black Satin being sold in Europe, Canada, and Asia is a different color than the Limited Edition Black Satin that was only available in the US. Be careful on Ebay!! You may be spending lots of money on a product different from the one you really want. The box MUST say "Made in the USA"
  15. Ebay actually has a guide to Chanel Black Satin nail polish. Check the seller's location and contact him to see if the polish was made at the US factory. The European and Asian versions are a flatter, somewhat disappointing color, very different from the color celebrities are wearing. The rumor is that Chanel will market it like they did Vamp: original version, very limited; European version (Rouge Noir) widely available; reissue of the original version 6 to 8 months from now.