Chanel Black Satin polish? Help!!!

  1. Hey girls, I'm going to visit my BF and was trying to figuer out a good color to paint my nails. I know black satin is winter 06, but the ceramic (black) is part of chanels spring 07 line. So do you think I could get away with wearing the Satin? ( It goes with everything) Right now I have a bright redish orange from MAC, (for spring break). Any suggestion for a good spring color. I'm not in the mood for pinks yet....
  2. I have the noir ceramic, it's just has a tiny bit more shimmer in it......I like both, wouldn't worry about the fact that one was out for winter and the other for spring but it's really up to you.....
  3. Don't worry about it, just do what you like! I'm currently wearing Black Satin. I had my nails done yesterday & I always bring my Black Satin. They know me by that polish! LOL

    PS. I also have the Noir Ceramic & I much prefer the BS. Just my preference though;)
  4. I have the Noir Ceramic and I like it. It has little sparkle in it. But my boyfriend couldn't tell the different:p !
  5. I kinda couldn't tell the difference either, I could have gotten both, but they were too similar IMO, I mean they ARE different but when I put each on a different nail and held them away from me my eye didn't draw to one or the other......they actually both have sparkle, just the Noir Ceramic has more and the Black Satin is very very subtle, anyway, I just decided the little more sparkle was kinda fun so went with that one, personally I think they are both great!
  6. i sold avon a few years back and i have every single color avon sells anyway i just wear what goes with my out fit or makeup but if you want to wear black wear black i think im going to buy black
  7. I agree with Lola24 - I did not see a big enough difference to get the Ceramic Noir AND the Black Satin.
    Personally, I will continue to wear the Black Satin on my fingers and toes for spring, since I already have it (it took me so long to get).

    Of course I had to buy something, so I got the new white ceramic one. I plan on wearing it on my fingers in the summer. Not sure what to put on my toes with that, since I prefer a dark color on them. But I'm babbling...
  8. I think it will still look great - it should play up any outfit no matter what season.
  9. Is it really black? If not, what color? Sorry, I have never seen that color. I don't have good shopping here in Alabama... no Chanel... :sad: