Chanel Black Satin Nail Polish Is Back!

  1. The ever famous Chanel Black Satin nail polish is back on Nordstrom website. The store expect to ship on 2/16/07. Grab one (or two) while you can! Enjoy!
  2. I got some yesterday at my local Nordies! It was free too because I used a Nordstroms Note for it. :happydance:
  3. niiice! *runs to grab a bottle or 2*
  4. Is the Black Satin that has just been released the same as the polish a couple months ago? Supposedly the Black Satin made in the USA has a shimmer to it. I know the Black Satin made in Europe was just a flat black. I bought some on Monday at Nordstroms. The SA just said they came in. It says on the box it was made in the USA, but it really has no shimmer to it at all. It looks just plain black to me. I have other cheap drugstore brands in black and I see no difference in the Chanel from them. :sad: :hrmm: :oh:
  5. Oooh what's a Nordstroms Note?
  6. is this sold in sephora?
  7. A Nordy's Note is a "reward" for using your Nordy's store credit card or the Nordy's Visa. Basically at every 2000 points, you get a $20 gc. Depending on what type of card you have, the points are accumulated in different ways.

    With just the store card, you get 1 point for every $1 spent. With the Nordy's Visa, you get 2 points for every $1 spent in Nordy's and 1 point for every $1 for non-Nordy's purchases.
  8. ^^Haha yeah, so I guess it wasn’t really “free” since I spent money to get it, but it felt free. It is quite sad how many Nordstrom Notes I get. :shame:
  9. Black satin doesn't have shimmer in it. I think you're talking about Noir Ceramic which came out in December. It's shimmery and has a blue undertone.
  10. I've read it does? Weird.

    The Black Satin I bought earlier this week definitely does not have any shimmer; nothing noticeable to me at least.

    Here is a guide on eBay about the differences between the Black Satin made in the USA and France.

    eBay Guides - Chanel Black Nail Polish USA LE vs. FRANCE

  11. Both black satin and noir ceramic are now available on neiman marcus website.
  12. does anyone know if black satin is merely a small production or a full release?... i know a couple people said there were rumblings that black satin was going to be a permanent part of the collection
  13. Yes it does. The Made in the USA one that was released last fall does. I have a bottle.

    The made in France has no shimmer. I don't now if the newer Made in USA versions are supposed to have a shimmer or not:shrugs:
  14. thanx for the info!!
  15. I got a bottle from nordies months back (after the BS sold out, as well at the NS) and it has shimmer. It was the last bottle!

    I wannt sell it on ebay, but for how much?