Chanel black quilted sunglasses

  1. Anyone have pics they could post of their quilted arm sunnies? I didn't see any of this style on - are there any being made this season?
  2. I saw those in an ad--they are so amazing!!! I want them badly! Hopefully someone here has them!
  3. The ones that are leather and quilted w/the logo on the side?? I posted the ad for those awhile back- I need to call Chanel and ask how much they are. They are gorgeous!
  4. These?

    I found the pics on the Chanel website, but only in the catalogue and not in the sunglasses section. So unfortunately I don't know the name or number of this sunglasses model.
    Chanel sunglasses Summer2007.jpg Chanel sunglasses -Summer2007.jpg
  5. i saw them in person in bal harbour
    they are hottt
    i really want them =]
  6. i tried them on today. Looked weird on me. The lens looked too flat on my face..but that's just me. Much preferred the sunburst ones.
  7. I was really excited to see these in person but was sadly unimpressed by them when I did.