Chanel black pearls or other long necklaces...

  1. Hi. I have the 35" strand of Chanel pearls with silver CC's and I absolutely adore them. I would like to find similar Chanel long necklaces. I have seen black and white pearls and black and silver on eBay but would prefer to buy from a Chanel boutique. Has anyone seen any Chanel black pearls or other interesting long necklaces (other than ivory pearls)? Thanks for any help!
  2. I think those have been sold out for a long time. I really wanted the black/white pearls but those were from awhile ago. : (
  3. ^ I've also been looking for black/white or black/grey pearls (or the Icon long pearl strand, ahh), but they're definitely sold out! :sad:

    vhdos - Hi. :smile: eBay has a TON of fakes ("Devil Wears Prada" necklace, black/white, black/grey etc. etc.), so please don't go the eBay route, unless you're given the okay from the girls in the Authenticate This thread. :heart:
    I have the same stand of pearls you have, and they're stunning!! :love: I haven't seen any new pearls recently, but I remember DD101 posted a cool black pearl/bead necklace she bought recently (do a search :smile:)... maybe you could PM her and find out the style # if you like that necklace? ;) :heart:
  4. Here's my black pearl/bead necklace, I love these and they go with anything!




    Some of the beads are black pearls, some are faceted beads and some are smooth black beads. The CC's are a black metallic, but they look silvery in the picture.

    Minal, I wanted the black and white beads too, I couldn't find them anywhere. Too many fakes on ebay, so I guess I'll never get them :sad:.

  5. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooo I :heart: those! Can you give me style number info, pricing, etc? TIA!
  6. FerociousJeanne,

    They are 60 inches long, price was $1260, and the item number is:

    08C A37246Y02009

    I thought the price was great for these, considering what some Chanel long bead necklaces go for!
  7. Awesome! Thanks!
  8. the necklace is soo pretty!Saks & NM didn't get this necklace
  9. I bought it from the Chanel in the Bellagio.