Chanel black patent reissue

  1. Hi. My sa told me today that Chanel is going to come out with a black patent reissue. Wasnt that done already? Anyone know about this?
  2. Oww Owww!!! are you sure?? I've been searching for this bag ALL over!!! please tell me more!!
  3. I jsut saw one this morning at Saks in Phoenix, AZ. I posted a thread about it right away on the Chanel shopping sub-forum in case someone wanted it and iluvbags called about it and it was already gone, BUT...

    I guess that means it is out already. My SA told me it jsut came in last night with a large pre-fall shipment.

    Oh, it was the 227 was fab! would have bought it myself, but i bought the NAVY PATENT REISSUE instead! OMG, I am so happy right now!

    Good luck finding it, call the Chanel 1-800 number for a boutique search...maybe someone has one out there still has it. Good luck in your search
  4. ^^^You got the NAVY!! Wowza. i just got one too last week.

  5. Let me call her and make sure Im not making false rumors LOL. Im not sure I heard her right now.
  6. thanks iluvbags, sorry you didn't get the black one, I was home about an hour before I made the was lovely though, I jsut don't wear alot of blakc anymore, too hot in arizona and I ahve a black GST with silver chain so I felt like it was too many bags in ONE DAY!
  7. Any idea how much this retails for?
  8. the navy patent reissue was $2,375 so I assume the black would be the same.
  9. Linda,

    I spoke with Naomi earlier, and she told me they were coming out with a black crackled panent 226 and 227. They haven't arrived yet though.
  10. Lambloveschanel, thanks for the info. I thought I heard right. LOL. She mentioned you in our conversation. I didnt want the crackled patent though. Oh well.
  11. Linda,

    I'm not sure if I want the crackled patent either, I have to see it IRL, but she made is sound so pretty!!!!

  12. I'm a bit confused - so the colors for reissues this fall are, patent navy/black, metellic black/metellic darksilver/darkgold. And they are doing the classic flaps in patent black/navy?
  13. ^^they are doing dark gold??
  14. ^ I didn't hear that dark gold is coming back but I know that light silver & dark silver is coming in 226 size.

    Oh yeah... I'm growing for the BLACK PATENT TOO. After getting my NAVY PATENT... OH NO...