Chanel Black Patent Jumbo XXL 2.55 for everyday?

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  1. #1 Feb 11, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2010
    I just found very large over sized black patent at Bloomingdales. It's 18.5"x12"x5" and I'm not quite sure if it's a special edition but I love it! I usually carry a ton of stuff in my bag even my maxi is too small for me so I love the fact this bag has more than enough room for everything. I'm only 5'3" 85 pounds so this bag does look extra big but what do you ladies think about carrying 18 inches wide bag for normal everyday use? Do you think it will look very bizarre? Here is the photo for the reference that I found on Ebay. The price this seller is offering is insane(it's only $2800 at the Chanel)though
  2. Oops forgot to put the link
  3. honestly, i wouldn't..

    i am bigger than u.. 5"5.. and 110 pounds.. and i am selling my jumbo cos i think it's big on me.. :P

    if u want a really big bag, a tote will look more flattering on you rather than a shoulder bag..

    just my personal opinion..

    someone else might think differently :smile:
  4. there's a new large bag coming out that you can wear two ways--leather crossbody and chain straps... and seems more wearable and practical that way. it's the nature flap. hirshleifers has it in black caviar and denim.... i did not like the large patent (? it's vinyl no?) but i ordered the nature flap. definitely check it out too. i think bloomies might be getting denim version which is just under $2k and boutiques getting some too...

    look here for photos of nature flap from hirshleifers
  5. OP, what you saw in Bloomies is the ginormous black VINYL 2.55 flap. It's well over $2k and it's vinyl, so that is something to ponder...
  6. I love that bag and love huge bags but I have tried that bag on so many times and it always feels awkward, I'm bigger than you too. Wearing it as a messenger it was not bad but I would never wear it that way.
  7. $10000 are you kidding me??!!!?? that's insane!

  8. Oh so it's vinyl bag after all! No wonder why it felt sooo light!! That was really good to know because I was going to buy it tomorrow yikes! I'm also lusting over caviar beige clair jumbo flap with gold hardware they just got at Bloomies but#1 it's too small for me #2 from my experience i'm too clumsy for this gorgeous light beige color, for sure it will be dirty after one use! Maybe i should just get a new Fendi leopard Peekaboo bag that's been on my mind lately!It's 16 inches also a great size. Thank you so much ladies for your great advice!
  9. Although I love big bags I would pass on this one - I think the classic shape does just not translate well when it's so oversized. Also, vinyl just does not say Chanel to me. As a novelty item, maybe, but I am not sure you will still like it after a while....
  10. I totally agree with Mojo! It's like you read my mind.

    I tried this bag on and it just feels so... blah?
  11. :ghi5:

    I also agree with pls' suggestion of the nature flap. Is that in leather? I love the versatility of the longer body straps or the chain straps.
  12. oops, sorry, just saw that nature is in black caviar!
  13. I located this thread today, I am in the love with this bag from the photos of Rachel zoe, but affraid to purchase the bag?? Will it look odd because it is so large? I would want it for an every day work bag.
  14. I got the NM catalog yesterday and they aren't calling this the nature bag...darn I can't remember what they call it. When I find the name, I'll post it.
  15. :smile:I think the size is perfect. however....I really don't like the bag. I find the Cocoon line more appealing for an oversized, every day bag.