chanel black on black cambon tote

  1. do the chanel boutiques still sell them? if so how much?

    i just bought the large black paris biarritz tote and im thinking about exchanging it..
  2. I think you can still find them. They are about $1600. Black with black patent CC's.
  3. yes thats the one. only problem is that i bought the paris biarritz from japan and i have no receipt.
  4. Sell it on eBay.
  5. I just bought one for my daughter for $1695 at NM. It's gorgeous!!
  6. NM in Beverly Hills had the large tote as of last week
  7. Yes they are definitely still around. Some of our members just bought some!
  8. ^^^That's good to hear...I still want a black on black one myself...
  9. Two people just made threads recently posting their black on black cambons that they just bought, so there is hope!
  10. im glad to know they are still out there, i want one!
  11. I just came back from the Chanel boutique in San Francisco and saw the large black with black patent CCs.
  12. Me too! This will be my first Chanel purchase, and I'm patiently waiting and saving.....I just don't know what I would do if it wasn't available any longer
  13. NM Houston Galleria has 2 large totes and a couple of bowlers and pochettes too
  14. get them quick girls!