Chanel Black Lambskin Maxi: Gold or Silver Hardware?

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What color hardware for a black lambskin Maxi?

  1. Gold Hardware

  2. Silver Hardware

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi Girls. Thinking about adding a black lambskin Maxi, but I can't decide between gold or silver hardware. Wondering what you all have, wish to have, and why or why not?
  2. Ghw. Its very eye catching. Its luxurious and it sets you purse apart.
  3. I personally love gold! I do own a black bag with silver hardware, however, and love it! But I have found that my jewelry (gold or silver) helps to dictate what bags I use that day. So go with what jewelry you wear the most! :smile:
  4. I have both and love them equally.
  5. These kind of decisions make my head hurt! Both!
  6. thank you girls. 77 views, and only 6 votes???
  7. you are off the island so I guess enabling is ok hehehehe
  8. My flaps have gold, silver, ruthenium but my black caviar maxi is with gold. I wish it were silver. I dress casually and like under the radar stuff so I feel the maxi with gold is too much, ie too dressy/elegant for me. Hence I rarely use the bag. However I have no problem with my reissue 226 with ghw. Maybe it's because I feel people generally don't recognize the reissue as much.
  9. Do you already have one or the other? I like to diversify, so I have both hardwares 😸.
  10. I have ruthenium hardware on my two reissues (a 226 and a tote, not black); I have gold hardware on my caviar Jumbo Beige Claire and I have silver hardware on my (only black) patent Timeless CC. I also have a (now) vintage tote in black suede which has a matte gold CC clasp.
  11. :lol:

    My vote is for GHW. I contemplated this issue when purchasing my black lamb jumbo years ago, and as soon as I tried them both on, I immediately knew I had to go with the classic black lamb/ghw combo. It's just THE Chanel must have combo, IMO.

  12. Then, I will go with shw for your black maxi :smile:
  13. GHW, definitely
  14. Here's my two cents lol. If you are purchasing lambskin go with GHW. I think the lamb is stunning with GHW. However, I love the SHW with caviar. As Tutu would say, go with the one you LOVE😊!
  15. Silver