Chanel black J12 with diamond bezel

  1. how much does it cost?

    I have seen it on magazines and few ladies wearing it.
    Its just so pretty. Love love it. :heart:
  2. $11,250 for 38mm automatic.
  3. Wow really? Is that after the recent price increase? How much is the 33mm now?
  4. $9500 after the increase I believe. It's very pretty.
  5. its TDF!
  6. Thank you for the price quotes. What was the price before it got increased? When did the price go up? :oh:
  7. $8650 It went up on April 1st.
  8. Yes this price is AFTER the recent price increase. I don't know how much the 33MM is. It was $9950 before the price hike!
  9. WOW! So glad I bought mine a year ago. There have been two increases since then.:wtf: