Chanel Black Chain bag avail BLUEFLY holding in my shopping cart

  1. I am sorry if this is the wrong place to post, but I just saw this gorgeous bag on Bluefly. I can't get it, but I hope a fellow tPFer can get it. It is in my shopping bag at bluefly (1pm est Monday) so I hope someone can get it.

    black leather signature chain shoulder bag...
    item # 2080883
  2. gone
  3. boo. I can't even see it!
  4. Im a bit scared of Bluefly after all the fake goings on with their Chloes
  5. site isnt working now.
  6. Thanks to this comment, I was able to stop myself from buying a Fendi bag on bluefly. It was so cheap, only USD380!!! I've gone and searched all the "fake Bluefly bags" threads and am genuinely scared now. I am going to boycott Bluefly!
  7. i wasn't aware of this!!! I need to do some research...:scared:
  8. It's back.
  9. that isn't much bag for the price... it isn't even leather!
  10. I think that the fake bags were isolated to Chloe and Bluefly has become more careful about the bags they sell. Many members here (including me) have purchased Chanel from Bluefly and everything has been authentic.