Chanel black Cerf tote: still in the stores?

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  1. I rang up the boutique today to enquire about the Cerf tote, but was told that they don't have it for this season! I am under the impression that the Cerf is part of the permanent collection! Does anyone know?

    I am looking for the Larger Cerf tote in black, with the madamoiselle lock.. Has anyone seen it in the stores recently (esp the London ones!). If so, how much do they cost?

    Thanks so much!
  2. The Cerf with gold CC's should still be available in stores, but the large one with Mademoiselle lock & ruthenium hardware is now sold-out nationwide (at least in the US) and discontinued. I called 1-800 Chanel # and asked several SA's and was told the Cerf with MM lock had been a limited edition, not part of the permanent collection. Retail should be $1,895, though many of the newer shipments are said to have come with a $1995(?) tag.
  3. Hey I got the large black one with mademoiselle lock in the US for $1850 about 2-3 weeks ago.. PM me if you want the SA's contact info
  4. I saw black Cerf with CC lock last Friday at Bloomingdale's South Coast Plaza.
  5. I thought a black cerf tote with CC lock today at Bloomingdale's South Coast Plaza, and it was $1850+tax, but i saw the price tag is $1995 after i got home.