1. hello purse experts....i came about this chanel black bag that is i am sure is authentic but is missing the all important interlocking CC's in front (refer to the picture) :blink: but it is such a steal at like around $10 only :nuts:

    i wanna ask you guys if i can bring this bag to chanel and let them put a new cc in front? or is this bag a waste/ trash? are there any remedies? all i could think of is bring them to a chanel store and purchase/ repair the missing cc' that possible?

    any answers would be deeply appreciated ;)
  2. if the bag is real (i don't know if it is or not) chanel should be able to have it fixed for you.
  3. hi thanks for your response....i appreciate it :smile:
  4. Not sure if it's fake but still a good deal to buy it and try to get Chanel store to fix it. If it turns out to be a fake, it's still a fun venture and the price ain't that bad. Good luck!