Chanel Black 2.55 large reissue worth investmt?

  1. I am strongly considering getting a black 2.55 large reissue - is it worth the investment and how versatile is it? Also, how much does the large reissue fit? I had the 2.55 before but the small size, and I couldn't get anything in it, so I ended up selling.

    What I would be sacrificing are a Givenchy nightingale and seafoam classique just for reference :smile:
    Thanks for any thoughts! :yes:
  2. I will say is about (more or less) for ref. as the classic jumbo bag.
  3. definitely worth the pennies

    go for it
  4. go for it!
  5. Yes, oh yes!
  6. Are you referring to 227 or 228 ?:smile:
  7. I have a 227 and when I was carrying it, SAs at Neiman's were saying how I could get alot more for it than I had paid for it. I love mine!
  8. I'd say it's worth the investment. It's a classic that will def not go out of style.:tup:
  9. Yes, most definitely. The reissue is such a classic, you would enjoy it for years to come, and the 226 or 227 (depending on what you carry around with you, one work work better than the other) can be used as an everyday bag. I don't used mine as an every day bag though :p It brings smile to my face every time I see it sitting in my closet ;)