Chanel Bindi Collection Fall 2012

  1. Has anyone seen the drawstring bag for fall. It is part of the Bindi collection and comes in two totes and a drawstring. This collection looks great and very wearable. It is posted in the 2012 shopping info thread. I really love it in the picture, and it is so limited, but don't want to special order something I haven't seen. Can't really tell what the leather is like from the picture. I think it might be similar to the on the road collection from couple of years ago. Anyway any info on it would be appreciated.
  2. Thank you for the info. I want the drawstring bag. Couple of stores are getting but very limited quantities so I reserved. These prices are crazy so I need to see the bag before. It reminds me of an older drawstring I loved and missed out on years ago. Just hope it is nice quality for that price. Hard to tell from pic.
  3. Has anyone bought either of these bags yet? Still waiting for my drawstring. I saw a woman carrying the tote yesterday, and it was beautiful, but not casual enough for me. Would love to know what the dark pink looks like.
  4. I absolutely adore that bindi drawstring bag!!! Did it come in other colors? Please post some pics when you get yours, I would really like to see some additional pics of it :smile:
  5. Thanks for your opinion. I hope I am still in love when I see it in person. It came in dark pink, a tan and dark gray. The boutiques did not buy the bag, but Saks, Nordstrom & Neimans did. It is very limited so if you want one you should reserve. Just wanted a different style this year.
  6. Wow personally I love the big tote. Looks good as an everyday bag- I love how it has both handles and the longer chain sling too :girlsigh: not in Singapore yet though, patiently waiting!
  7. I saw this bag in person today! It's amazing and I love it, but do not have $6400 in my pocket to spend! :sad:

    Pic from Santy @ NM
  8. Beautiful but wow.......big price tag :sad:
  9. wow kill me with the price.
  10. The price is really :wtf::blah:. At this rate I guess I'll give it a pass :sad:
  11. Wow that price tag. I will just sit in front of the screen and admire it from far.
  12. That is not the Bindi drawstring I am waiting for. The Bindi collection is a more glazed leather and the drawstring is 4,300. I am not sure what collection this one is from. Very beautiful, but ridiculous price tag.
  13. The $6400 is also from the Bindi collection...
    There was three shapes in the Lookbook, the drawstring, the hobo, and the tote. I've seen the tote ($5300) and hobo ($6400) in person, but not the drawstring yet.

    It would be the same leather though...
  14. The price is high due to the stingray accents.