Chanel Bigger Baby Cabas?

  1. I just ordered the regular baby cabas and find it too small for me, does anyone know if there are any "bigger" ones out there - I'm not too picky about color... I never see them lying around at Tysons (NM and boutique) - I don't want to return my baby without making sure I can get the bigger version... TIA!
  2. Sorry I meant in caviar leather - mine ends in 4154 but I want this one: A33986Y04356
  3. I have the bigger baby cabas. I found the original baby to be too small and the handles didn't fit over my heavy winter coat.

    The bigger baby (from fall 07) is perfect. Nice and big, without being ridiculously huge (although some people might think it's really huge) and the shoulder straps fit over heavy coats.
  4. I agree, I think this one is the perfect size I just can't seem to find it! I called two Saks and neither have called me back...
  5. Ack I meant has anyone seen this bag anywhere?