Chanel Bicycle

  1. This is an exclusive sale at the Chanel Boutique 29, rue Cambon Paris: A chanel Bicycle.

    Seat is quilted and there are 2 bags at each side of rear wheel. When you quit your bicycle you can transform them as two 2.55 mademoiselle bags.

    These bicycles will be on sale from January 2008 only at this address. Price has not been communicated so it means.....very expensive !!! For eye candy only

  2. I wanna see more pics of this!!! i see 3 bags lol. Ride your bike then get stuck with 3 bags??
  3. The two bags on the sides look very interesting. Looks like a Reissue with briefcase handles?
  4. ahaha very neat. thanks for sharing!!!
  5. Hmmmm, interesting.
  6. would like to see more pics...
  7. Ahh I can't place my thoughts, it's so wierd!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for posting though!
  8. im drooling on my keyboard

    haha lots of things on this forum make me do that
  9. Very interesting. Maybe for once my DH, who loves to bike, would buy me this bike!! LOL! :roflmfao:
  10. :nuts: I can't even imagine
  11. WOAH that bicycle... i wouldn't want to ride it, i'd just grab the bags off it and run! :lol:
  12. LOL, I would never ride that bicycle for fear of getting the bags dirty!!! Cool idea, kinda like Transformers haha.
  13. Interesting lol!
  14. That is something unique, for sure.
  15. Funny. I was wondering. Will they make a baby stroller eventually? Burberry got one already! :nuts: