Chanel belts?

  1. I'm really wanting a Chanel belt to wear with jeans....anyone have any suggestions of style? I'm not too keen on the belts that are chains only so I don't know how limiting that is....

    Pics too????
  2. hmm that's a tricky one as most chanel belts are the chain......but i think this one is's with the distressed leather that they're using lately and the bag portion removable so it's like a two in one :lol:


    but i personally love the chanel chain belts :shame:
  3. That is crazy hot! Do you know the retail on that? :love: its so nice!
  4. That belt is fierce. I too like the chain belts but you can totally rock this with white, black or jeans.
  5. lol i'm searching like mad for it but nothing....i found this one on ebay for around $1000 but i can't see myself spending that much on a belt......i'm crazy about it tho i never shoulda gone chanel belt searching :cry:
  6. Thanks everyone! I was thinking maybe of the one that has the leather woven through the chain....might look great with jeans and everything else. I don't have a foto though...
  7. I have a chain Chanel belt...very cute with jeans!!
  8. Jill, Is it only chain or does it have the leather winding through it?
  9. I want that belt!!
  10. Why not get a Chanel belt which is like the strap on a classic bag? I think they look great either casual or v. dressed up. In fact I have one in a drawer somewhere from when I was a slim thing!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Probably only go round my wrist now.:sad:
  11. oooh i want a belt too. preferably the silver chain with black leather woven thru to match my bag! how much are those?
  12. No idea how much they are but mine is gold chain with leather through as that is the colour of the chain on all my bags. I'll do a drawer search and see if I can find it!!:shame:
  13. The leather and chain belts run about $495 - $525. They are really nice and look like they can dress up or down. Lesan67 let me know if you find yours and if you want to sell it 'cause I'd be SA is trying to talk me into the silver chain but I think I want the gold because I wear gold jewelry....
  14. Shopmom - I will go hunting for it today and let you know when I find it - what size are you? It is quite a chunky belt - if you want pics you will have to let me have an email address, it is the only way I know how to send them!!!!!!
  15. Hi Lesan67 - I need what the SA said was an "80" length (not quite sure what that is but I can find out easily enough!). I'll PM you 'cause if it's the belt I think it is I'd love to see pics.....