Chanel belt/waist bag -opinions

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  2. #2 Feb 9, 2019
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    I have the same one but in black that I use for traveling and for errands on weekends when all I really need to bring is my X phone, keys and card holder. I like that it is handsfree, can be used as a waist or shoulder bag or even hand held. It’s casual and different from a woc. I find that I’ve been wearing it more recently than my wocs. I use mine a lot so to me it’s worth it. Plus it’s all leather so looks & feel very lux. Good luck deciding!
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  3. That is super cute! My only concern would be color transfer on the inside towards your waist. If that doesn't bother you, and it fits everything you need, I say go for it!
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  4. I had the same delemma. Couldnt decide if it was worth the price. And I waited to see if the ‘trend’ was here to stay awhile. But when I saw it in real life I was sold on the spot. I tried on the black and blue yesterday. If you already have a mini/woc I would get it. It looks so cute and I think its very practical since your hands free. My SA did warm me about the color transfere. But I dont really baby my bags so ill be fine. The pink is gorgeous by the way
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  5. For this price, I would rather get a seasonal/bright coloured WOC to jazz up your outfits. You can also wear a WOC in the evenings whereas this would be mainly a daily bag and I’m afraid the trend won’t last for longer than a few years (and then probably come back in another 10-15 ).

    But if you tried it on and liked it, it’s up to you!
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  6. the pink and navy were my favorites! I can´t believe its so chic although I vehemently disliked fanny packs these ones had me sold!
    I think I am going to wait and see ...i defn want to buy 1-2 chanels this yr, but i want to get more intel on the next act just in case ...though i am pretty sold on this!
  7. Anyone have this type of belt bag who could comment? Saw this yesterday and love it but not sure it’s too trendy to be worth it. Think it’ll be very practical for running around with kiddos even in the light color but wondering if I’ll still like it few years from now. Would love to hear if anyone else has it as I can’t find much in it. (Sorry couldn’t get the photo to rotate)

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  8. Hi. Did you buy this? I’m looking for reviews of this style. Thanks.
  9. No I didn’t. ☹️ I ended up getting a mini flap bag a few months later.
  10. Thank you for taking the time to reply. Would you say it is too short/awkward to carry crossbody? And may I know your height for reference please? I’m 5’1” average built. I’m trying to figure out if it would work crossbody for me.
  11. I’m 5’2” and I think it barely worked for crossbody. I would prefer for it to sit a bit lower which is probably why I didn’t buy it right away. I fell in love with the color combo but not sure on the practicality. It sitting high would be difficult to reach in and out of. Do you have a chance to see it in person and try it on?