CHANEL belt buckles?

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    Any idea if this could be authentic?

    Feel free admins to move my post to another section if it's not appropriate here.

    Thanks in advance
  2. I would bet that if Chanel made swarovski crystal belt buckles they would probably retail for A LOT more than $100.
  3. Thats exactly what I thought, seems skeptical.. I wasn't able to find anything online about it, would you say it's fake then and they're just fooling around?
  4. Probably. It's really not all that hard to make a belt that looks like that with some Swarovskis or other good quality crystals from a craft store. Just look at all the fake Swarovski CC stud earrings and necklaces on ebay.
    And I agree..if it WAS real, why would she only take $100 for it when she sold it for $600 on ebay before? Why not go back to ebay and get the same amount? I'm taking a wild guess that she was probably banned from selling on ebay and has to resort to craigslist now.