chanel below $1000

  1. anyone know what kind of chanel bag below $1000? thanks. :love:
  2. The timeless clutch used to be but I think it's slightly over now. Short of buying something on sale, no. The PST in pink is $945 on sale.
  3. thanks, itsmyworld. :smile: i want to buy a new one, but my budget only $1000. do you know other model which is not on sale? i mean the original price is below $1000.
  4. can't think of any that under $1000 on top of my head. timeless clutch caviar used to be 995 but now its 1100 or 1200. paris biztriz i think about 1300-1500. the rock small flap 1195. e/w flap 1300 or something. pst 1400 i guess. probably small cambon..
  5. the pink PST at NM sale is under $1000. Might want to try looking at the shopping thread.
  6. Yes, with the November price increase there is now no Chanel bag under $1000. You could get a wallet or some jewelry, but the only bags under $1000 are some of the ones on sale as indicated above and in the shopping thread under sales for Saks & NM.

  7. Very sad..... :crybaby:
  8. thanks Pchans, allbrandspls and ronsdiva. i'll take the discount one i think.
    yeah, very sad. :crybaby:
  9. The E/W flap is now 1795...I know that's crazy! to the OP there isn't a chanel bag that's under 1000.00 anymore..
  10. You may consider checking an outlet if you have one near you.

    Honestly though, I hope this doesn't come out in a rude way but maybe you should take the $1000 and just save it and additional money over time until you find something that you absolutely love. I think that you may be happier in the long run doing that than just buying a bag because it's on sale and you apparently just want something Chanel. JMHO and it's something to think about at least. I hope you find a bag that is for you.

    If you're interested in seeing the pink PST, check out the Chanel shopping forum. There are a couple posts about it.
  11. I wish there were ones below 1000 ...the sad thing is the number of styles available under 2000 dollars is also dwindling ...
  12. Now in Australia, you cant buy a decent bag for under 3000AUD. Our exchange is approx. 1AUD = 0.9US. I think it's ridiculous yet i'm still in love with Chanel :heart:
  13. hmm try cambons pouchettes on eBay maybe u find a good deal... cuz if u dont want a sale its gonna be hard .. unless u buy other stuff like cellphone pouches n stuff like dat.. or a wallet maybe .. try da sales they sound pretty gud.. specially the pst one .. have fun lukin oh n dat rock n chain its pretty gud 2 ..have a gud luk searchin for it ..[:smile:]
  14. there's a satin clutch! LOL!
  15. i already have the PST in a black one, same as the pink PST in the shopping forum. yeah, maybe i just save it until i find something that i really want. thanks everyone! ;)