Chanel Bellagio Trunk Show

  1. Hello everyone.. My name is Jason I work at the Chanel Bellagio in Las Vegas. We are holding a trunk show on the 9th and will be showing cruise collection. If any one is interested you can call 702 765 5505.
  2. Thank you! we are very excited about the Cruise collection 2008.
  3. If only i can be in USA, i wuld love to see the new cruise collection trunkshow...sigh
  4. Thanks for info jason! here another SA at tpf!! cheers.....:tup::tup:
  5. Thanks so much !!!!!!! jason~
    unfortunately i live in hong kong~ can't take a look of the trunk show~ i've love to see if anyone can send e-mail or just post those photo here after the show~:drool:
  6. Jason - can you post pics for those of us not able to attend? We love pics!
  7. Yes JAson please do if it's ok!Nice to have you here!:yes:TIA!
  8. Welcome Jason! I just purchased a Paris New York wallet from Jenny Tsu at the Bellagio and she was fantastic to work with - so friendly and helpful! The shipping was speedy and the wallet beautifully packaged.

    Thanks for sharing your trunk show information with us!
  9. Welcome and please post pics......pretty please:tender:
  10. Thanks for the info Jason! I will be in Las Vegas most of next week, so I will be there! :happydance: Usually I have terrible timing and miss all of these Chanel events, but I lucked out this time. Can't wait!