Chanel beige M/L or Jumbo classic double flap

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  1. I received my first Chanel bag as a gift. It is a beige jumbo classic double flap. I absolutely love the color, but very uncertain about the size and debating if I should exchange it for the M/L. I’m 5.3... lot of people are saying that the jumbo is big and heavy. Is it too big for someone my height? At this point I’m looking for opinions and recommendations, as to which one would be preferred the most as a first Chanel. All responses will be truly appreciated!
  2. I'm a little shorter than you and I don't think the jumbo is too big at all. If you plan on adding more Chanel flaps to your collection I'd keep it! You can always get a ml later:smile: the ml holds way less than the jumbo as well, so it depends on your needs. Here's my jumbo and my ml

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  3. Looks really pretty on you! I just sold my jumbo due to the weight even empty it was super heavy. I rarely reached for it. I have the m/l which I love but does not hold to much and on those days I use my Reissue 226 and I LOVE that one so much!
  4. I'd go for the M/L.
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  5. The thing I love about the Jumbo is that chain when doubled - it's just so luxe doubled up, and it's not too short when doubled.
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  6. I'm 5.1 and it does look big/bulky on me & heavy, that's why I chose Reissue 227. Maybe it depends on the color and the leather of the bag too (like some ppl said lambskin is lighter than caviar). Some colors will appear bigger than the others (for example Red). Have you tried to fill up your bag and feel if it's heavy? You can try to post your pics here while you're wearing the jumbo and we will see how it looks on you. @nashpoo looks great with her jumbo flap tho :smile:
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  7. I love the medium large! I had a jumbo and while I loved it, felt it was too boxy. The medium is a good in between size.
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  8. Keep the Jumbo.
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  9. Jumbo
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  10. Both are great buys-- you can never go wrong with Chanel. However, I'd suggest sticking with a smaller size. Typically, smaller bags can be worn in a more versatile fashion than their larger counterparts. Especially on someone 5'3", you want to make sure the size of your bag doesn't overwhelm your frame! On the other hand, it also depends how much you like to keep on you while out and about. Obviously, the Jumbo will have more storage space and can uphold heavier weights than the M/L. It's definitely a personal preference but I'd likely recommend the M/L... (also, great for reselling because it is a more universal size than the larger one which some people tend to steer clear of!)
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  11. Reissue 227 is so nice and light, isn't it? I never regret passing on the Jumbo.
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  12. Both your bags are beautiful... I love the color. Do you wear the jumbo one with summer dresses or summery rompers?
  13. I’m petite as well and love how the jumbo looks on me and other petite girls.. tried it at the store a few times. however I won’t buy it cause it’s way too heavy. I even prefer the small flap over the medium, fits almost the same and really works for almost any occasion.
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  14. It really depends if you plan on owning more than 1 Chanel bag. In my honest opinion, it’s a slippery slope once you own one. Correct me if I’m wrong, but most ladies on this forum often own more than 1! :smile: If you plan on having more than 1 Chanel bag, I’d go for the jumbo since it’s more value relative to the cost (more “bag” for an extra $500-600). Better to own a jumbo now than later due to price hikes.

    I’m also 5’3” and I don’t find the jumbo too overwhelming.
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  15. Love the jumbo on you!! Such a pretty color :smile:
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