Chanel Beige Clair Information

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  1. Hello all!

    I am more and more intrigued with the Chanel beige clair and would love to hear as much about this color as possible.

    Is this part of the permanent collection?
    Was there a time it became seasonal?
    Is there a season/series where it was especially outstanding?
    Thoughts on gold vs silver hw?
    Is it difficult to find or rare in the classic flaps?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Last edited: Apr 6, 2020
    OK. Let me answer.

    Yes it is permanent (REV).

    Yes. It was first introduced as we know it for the 2009 Cruise collection. Very soon after it was added to the permanent line. I was like that for several years. I think around 2015/2016? (cant't remember exactly right now) it was taken out of the permanent line. Was hard find, but put out as seasonal for a while. After a while, it was put backing the permanent line (REV).

    Not really. Some say they can detect minor color differences, but honestly they are completely insignificant.

    To Me:
    Gold - Extremely classy, con - can make the beige have more of a yellow tone. Prefer in M/L
    Silver - More casual, Fresh looking, Con - unless you are a silver lover or don't like gold, GHW is the better combo. Prefer this in Jumbo.

    It still can be a little harder to track down than the black.

    Hope this helps!
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  3. Tagging onto this Q, is beige clair different than the normal beige people reference? Sometimes I find I'm a bit confused because the beiges sometimes veer a bit more blush, or a bit more yellow, or a bit more white and I'm never sure if one is beige clair and one is just plain "beige".

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  4. thanks so much!
  5. You're Welcome!

    You will usually hear most people call the Permanent Beige, "Beige Clair" or "Classic Beige". There are many seasonal shades of Beige, some also called Beige Clair (light beige). To know if it's the classic one, the caviar will be "regular" caviar, like the Black Classics, not a seasonal type such as an iridescent. And it will always be edge stitched, most seasonal caviars are not edge stitched.

    Also you can always tell by the Tag. The Classic will have REV instead of a Season, such as 20S. Also the color code is 21209.
  6. If you’re in the US, one of my Chanel SAs may still have a brand new medium sized beige clair with GH :smile:

    I love my beige clair jumbo with GH :heart:
  7. oh yay! good to know it's much loved. if you can, share pics!

    i just sourced one but THANK YOU for the connection! are they difficult to find? i was going to hold out for my paris trip but that was cancelled. wonder if it's hard to find in paris or pretty common as it is a permanent piece?
  8. Thank you for this! :smile:
  9. Trust me. Beiges are very hard to care for. I got one preloved that I intended to recolour. After 5 uses, I decided I had better sell it before I ruined such a lovely piece.
  10. Hi there, I just recently purchased my beige Clair and I LOVE it. I bought it preloved because it is very difficult to track down and I was able to find two in prestine condition! They do have color differences it just depends on what color of beige is used each season. (Example below). When purchasing I considered what works well with my skin tone and color of clothes that I usually wear. Either way - you can’t go wrong!

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  11. Hey guys, I just bought a m/l flap and the color in the system is called “new beige”. Since it’s from NM, attached photo is what the SA sent. Is this beige clair or is this a seasonal beige? Does anyone know?

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