Chanel Beige Cerf Tote with pics :-)

  1. I wasn't going to start a thread with this new bag I got b/c I thought it was plain. But after posting a pic of it in "Don't you love the feeling..." thread, I thought I should start my own thread :girlsigh:

    I wanted an 'everyday' bag to replace my poor beat up Emerald first. I had some credit from Chanel so why not use it:supacool: Also, I was initially looking at the smaller one, but I just :heart: the logo on this one.

    Here she is with her older sister (the pink one). I love the style and leather. Does anyone know how well this leather holds up? I have only carried the pink one a few times..

    BTW, I don't know why, but I can't seem to find any Chanel scarfs that I like. IMO, their patterns do not do well tied on bags.

    beigecerf.jpg cerftote.jpg
  2. Pretty. Congratulations!:tender:
  3. they're so pretty together!
    did you find the beige chanel new? (where at, if you don't mind me asking?)
  4. Man, SOOO beautiful! I can't stop looking at your pics.

    The cerf tote on celebrities did nothing for me but your two cerf tote has me HEAD OVER HEELS for this!
  5. Thanks Smoothoptrter, Jennifer & Jen for the nice compliments.

    Jen, thanks for encouraging me to post this in a thread:flowers:

    Jennifer, I got it at the Ala Moana boutique. It was brand new, never out of the box bag:yahoo:. Just love those!

    Here is their # if you want to see if they have any more (808) 942-5555 and ask for Gareth. He is so nice.
  6. I've been wanting a cerf tote for quite sometime now. How much was it rubygirl if you don't mind me asking? It's so beautiful.
  7. Thanks Pursegalsf. It was $1790. Thank goodness for that credit. I paid $400 after the credit. I got the pink one 2 years ago and I don't recall it being close to that much. Does anyone know what the Chanel price increase has been?
  8. Beautiful!!!
  9. love the cerf totes.... congrats on your bag
  10. It looks gorgeous in beige!!:amazed:
  11. About 6% per year at least.:huh:
  12.'s beautiful. I have a black one which I carry to work everyday for over 3 months now. The leather holds up pretty well. I haven't seen any scratches or blemishes so far.
  13. Congratulations, they're both beautiful!
  14. Congrats, they're both gorgeous.
  15. Congrats! Absolutely gorgeous!