Chanel beige--boring or beautiful??

  1. With all the talk of pinks, purples, etc., is this old color a little blah?
  2. Oh my, I love beige. I don't think that it is boring at all. I have a beige GST that I just adore and use it daily. It is gorgeous! I think it goes with so much and can be worn day and night. I think my next purchase will be a beige flap!
  3. No, IMO beige is classic, not old. There are times when you need classic. Besides, you can always use a brightly colored wallet, eyeglass case or coin purse with the beige bag. Say you have to pay for a purchase. You open your classic beige purse, reach in and "Bam!" bright purple wallet! I love surprises like that!! (kind of like wearing a basic, dark business suit with zebra striped undies!) :lol:
  4. IMO, beige is neither boring nor old. it's considered a classic, one that will last for many years.
  5. I didn't like the beige to start off with...then one day, I decided to try it on and...... :love: it's a lovely colour. NOT blah at can go with anything and is considered a classic.
  6. I think beige is classic elegant color (can go with anything)
  7. Depends on your wardrobe. Pesonally Camel and Tan are colors that I LOVE to wear in the winter with endless combinations of baby blue, cream, offwhite, red, brown etc or even the monochromatic look a la Ralph Lauren. I simply could not do without my beige/camel bag. I own a light beige and a dark beige and I wear my beige bags as much as if not more than my black bags. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my two camel/beige bags!
  8. Chic, classic and casual all in one IMO.
  9. I think you will surprise yourself at how often you reach for it. It goes well with everything.
  10. I think beige is a very classic, neutral color. However, I do think it's a little bit of a more 'mature' color...I can't see myself carrying anything beige at 19! JMHO.
  11. I don't think it's boring at all, and I'm in my 20's. :smile: Personally, I think a classic, subdued color like beige is a great counterpart to the bright colors I wear in the spring/summer, so I know I'll be reaching for my medium flap a lot. :smile:
  12. Beige is Beautiful....I've been in a beige periopd lately getting beige shoes and bags!
  13. Absolutely not boring. I love beige and would consider it a neutral color. I get a lot of compliments when I carry my medium beige classic flap.
  14. Yeah, I totally agree.:tup:
  15. Beige is such a neutral color that you pretty much can wear it w/everything:tup: