chanel bearbricks!!!

  1. i've been waiting to see these for awhile and the chanel stores now have them in their windows :yahoo: i would love to get one since i love bearbricks in general and this is CHANEL~~ :noggin:

  2. jc - pics not showing. . . can't wait until they're back up!
  3. thanks for letting me know bluekit...i dunno what's wrong with them :confused1: but in the meantime you can enjoy these :wlae:
    bearbrick1.jpg bearbrick2.jpg bearbrick3.jpg bearbrick4.jpg
  4. bearbricks? :confused1:

    , could you tell me more about these interesting things??
  5. oh wow.. they are some crazy looking bears.....
  6. here's a short history :P

    "A few years back, a large toy company in Japan called Medicom started producing small “Lego-type” figures called Bearbricks. These figures came in boxes with no window, so you never knew what style of bear you were going to get. As some bears were more rare than others, a collecting frenzy began that still continues today. Medicom is still making the Bearbricks, but has added MANY other licenses to the Kubrick lineup. Movie properties include: Star Wars, Planet of the Apes, Kill Bill, Rocky, Minority Report, Back to The Future, Alien(s), and Terminator 3…just to name a few. Very few Kubricks make it to the US, and those I have found command VERY high prices simply because they come from Japan. The only two movie/comic based Kubricks that have had wide domestic distribution have been Planet of the Apes, and now Batman. "

    and a clip from WWD discussing the chanel ones:
    "Trust Karl Lagerfeld to jazz things up a little in August, which can be a slow month for fashion. The designer last week sent out 18 customized Bearbricks to editors around Manhattan as his unique way of wishing them a great summer. Bearbricks are Japanese figures resembling futuristic bears, and Lagerfeld customized each by styling it with Chanel icons such as the tweed suit, the camellia in the hair, oversize black sunglasses with the double-C logo and a pearl necklace. Chanel is the first luxury fashion house to create a fashion Bearbrick. Each is numbered in this limited edition. They were exhibited at Colette during the haute couture shows in July, but Lagerfeld had no intention of selling them and wanted to give them to some of his closest friends. Each Bearbrick came with a sketch of the figure and a handwritten note from Lagerfeld, which, naturally, is as humorous as the objet itself. "Karl calls me Schreck 5...he is so mean," Lagerfeld wrote to one editor."
  7. Thank you soooo much for that info, jc2239!!! :flowers:

    It's amazing what you can learn on TPF. LOL
  8. Interesting story!!
    LOL, they kind of remind me of Mickey Mouse - maybe because of the ears??
  9. Woah, great story jc! Thanks for sharing.

    And those are definitely collector's pieces!
  10. I can't tell if that's a girl bear or a boy bear :confused1:.
  11. lol i was thinking the same thing :P......somethign about her is so masculine :upsidedown:
  12. anytime! :flowers:

    I still have my lego sets and I love teddy bears - now I want one of these bearbricks! :upsidedown: Great story, btw. :yes:
  13. Thanks for sharing this story. Very interesting.;)
  14. Wow, I'd never heard of these. Thanks for sharing the story. Do you have any idea of how much they are?
  15. tammy~ unfortunately they're not available for sale, athough the store managers have the right to give them to clients if they wish :drool: