Chanel & Bbag Lovers - Need your Opionion

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Chanel or Bbag?

  1. Chanel Grand Shopping Tote

  2. Chanel Classic Flap 2.55

  3. GH Balenciaga City

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  1. Please help me make a decision on which style of purse I should get. I know that posting here will probably get more votes on Chanel, so if you love Bbag as much as Chanel, please help me choose which bag to get.

    Grand Shopping Tote or GH City?

    Also, if you can only afford to buy only one Chanel, which one would you get?

    Grand Shopping or Classic Flap 2.55

    Please HELP! :confused1:

  2. 1.) GH City

    2.) Classic Flap 2.55
  3. ^^^ Oh, I didn't realize it was an either...or type question.

    In that case, then The Classic Flap :smile:
  4. daffyduck - can you let us know what type of bags are already in your collection.. like colours etc.? and what kind of function you're looking for? Since the GST and the City are more "totes" and the flap has a totally different look.

  5. The flap, hands down for me.

    I don't really care for Balenciaga in general and while I think the GST is fine, I think the flap is a must. Classic and beautiful.
  6. I own several Balenciaga's, but way more Chanels haha. I'd also love to know what purpose you'd like this bag to serve, since the GH City, and GST have a similar holding capacity, whereas the classic flap might not be a great "day" bag if you carry more than the essentials. :smile:
  7. I would say get the chanel bag now since they're going to increase their prices soon "hope not" and then you can always get the Bbag
  8. CLASSIC!!!! IT's just something you can never get enough of. One in every color + size PLEASE!
  9. Go for the's a classic, not trendy, and never goes out of style!!!!
  10. chanel 2.55
  11. Chanel flap=)
  12. classic flap
  13. if this is yr first chanel...get the classic
    if not, get the gst
  14. I love both Chanel and Bbags but I'll have to vote the classic on this one.
  15. 2.55 b/c it's a classic. I have it and love it. I guess I'm partial to it. Good luck.