Chanel bangle

  1. Hello there, haven't been on in a while! My question is actually about the Chanel cabochon bangle (I think it's called that). I'm after the one in black with white C's. What I'm wanting to know is how would you tell fakes of this from the authentic? I know a bit about Chanel bags, but not jewelry. Thanks!!:yes:
  2. might try posting links to auctions on ebay that you're interested in, if there are any. I'm not picturing the one you're talking about. The only one I can think of right now is the one that's black with only one large set of CC's on it.
    With some pieces like earrings, there is a little oval part on the back (usually on the CC) that says Chanel Made in France (or Paris)'s a lot harder to tell with the crystal CC earrings, but with other pieces, it's fairly easy since they aren't that great at making fake jewelry pieces, IMO.
  3. Hi, yes that's the one I mean with the one large set of CC's. I'll keep an eye out on e-bay.
  4. Ok..for that one by the way, note that the CC's should span the width of the cuff..if it's any smaller, it's fake. There's an authentic white one on there for comparison so you know what it should look like.