Chanel Ballet Pumps..

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  1. I've searched everywhere for these.. and im not really having any luck. When i went to Barcelona the Chanel shop only had one last pair and its not even in my size! :sad: I've searched on the Chanel site and because its an old season they dont have anymore photos... Im so in love with these pumps! :love:


    Does anyone know where i can get these from??? Im planning to go London tomorrow see if they have it in their Chanel.. which i highly doubt :sad:
  2. I jsut saw them today in the Chanel shop in Munich but that's probably too far away. I feel sorry for because it is just so frustating if you really want something and then you can't get it.
  3. darnnit... my sister's ex husband leaves in germany too.. maybe i should butter him up so he'll send me the pumps :shame:.. im soo frustrated i feel like pulling my hair out :sad:
  4. you should be able to call the shops and have them sent to you if they have them in stock
  5. Let me know if you have any luck!!! I would love a pair in pink!!!
  6. do you know if these pumps have a specific name to it?
  7. no sorry but Munich has 2 shops Chanel:
    0049-89 28 36 37 Maximilianstr.22
    0049-89 2 80 22 08 Briennerstr. 10
    May be that helps???
  8. Aren't they the Cambon flats? I saw the white and black pair still available at the Chanel store near me this past weekend. You should be able to call any Chanel store to have them try to track a pair down for you. Good luck!
  9. Aren't the soles of these really thin?