Chanel Ballet or Prada Ballet?

  1. Prada has this cute ballet flat:

    Prada -  Patent Ballerina Slipper -  Bergdorf Goodman

    But I'm wondering if I should just get the Chanel ballet... do they still have a patent one or was that for just the season?

    It really drives me nuts that I can't see a full Chanel catalogue.

    The best thing about LV is that their bag and accessories (except shoes, damn!) are pretty complete in the catalogue. That way I can always see the more classic styles and what's been discontinued.
  2. I'd go with is more of a classic.

    I like Prada, but it seems that style is seasonal.............But then again, I also believe all ballet flats are classics!

    Chanel all the way!!
  3. I would get the Chanel flat, but I have to say I really like the Prada flats.
  4. I would vote for the Chanel! :party:
  5. Chanel. The chanel flats are a classic.
  6. I woudl go chanel I have chanel ballet flats and I love them!
  7. Go for the Chanels!
  8. chanel. i tried on the gold prada ballet for A/W but my feet cannot fit comfortably..
  9. I just saw those Prada flats yesterday and I thought they were ADOOOORABLE! However, the vamp is cut very low (the U-shaped part of the shoe near the toe) so it can reveal a lot of toe cleavage. Unless you have fairly skinny/pretty looking feet, I would go for the Chanel ones.

    I do like the Prada color combinations more, however. They had a great red capped ivory pair that would've been so perfect for spring's nautical looks.
  10. Another vote for Chanel.
  11. prefer Chanel out of the 2:yes:
  12. What do you expect the answer for Chanel Forum? It should be Chanel, right?

    Chanel is much more better.
  13. ^^:roflmfao: So true. We are biased here. But Chanel is the way to go in flats.
  14. I have a lot of both designers ballerinas.Id go for the Pradas and use the money you saved on the Chanels to save for a Chanel bag..LOL.Both ballets are awesome and will hold up forever.
  15. either one. choose the one you feel most comfortable in. comfy feet = more time shopping. :yahoo: