Chanel ballet leather flats, gold or silver?

  1. I saw both color in Chanel tonight, the gold is not very sharp and similar to champagne. which color would you suggest? i wear jeans a lot.. the SA is checking the size for me.. thanks :smile:
  2. GOLD! A gold one is easy to match with clothes.
  3. both :graucho: :graucho:
  4. Consider your base skin tone to determine which looks best -- what colors do you wear the most (cool or warm based), color of your season purse(s). If you truly can't decide, you can flip a coin -- silver head, gold, tails; tell the S.A. to just surprise you.
  5. I'd say get both :p
  6. i personally like silver better....but it depends on your jewellery

    which type of hardware on your bags do you usually pick? i would go with the same one to match your bags more.
  7. Pick whichever color matches your jewelry more. I love both.
  8. I like gold..!! gold is easier to match with cloth
  9. i like silver!
  10. I think silver fits better with jean.
  11. I'd say the gold!
  12. silver
  13. I got the gold... it works better with everything I have. I don't wear much silver. Do you wear more silver or gold?
  14. gold!!
    Silver sometimes looks tacky...
    You can match gold with a white top, jeans and gold jewellery
  15. my wardrobe is black/grey/white, sometimes pink and red.. i'm inclined to gold.. now waiting for SA to call if there's my size
    thanks ladies :p