chanel ballet flats

  1. Can anyone tell me where i can find chanel ballet flat for a good price my niece whats them for her b-day. I don't want to spend $500.00. Do you know any buyer on ebay that have auth ones.
  2. I just saw them somewhere a few days ago. I will get on it right now to see if I can remember where I saw them.
  3. Thank you so much.
  4. I was at the Chanel in the Drake Hotel in Chicago a a few weeks ago and they had a few ballet flats on sale, I'm just not sure if they have any left and there was limited sizes as well.
  5. Sorry it has taken so long to reply. It was in a magazine thta I saw them. However, this is a suggestion. Call the CHANEL 1-800 NUMBER, tell them what you are looking for ask ask that they search their data base and tell you where they can be purchased. If you are looking for the blaxk with double CC that is what I saw in the magazine. Also, call Brandon , Chanel on 57th in N.Y. and tell him what you are looking for, he is wonderful. Ladies help her out with the 1-800 and Brandon's number. I cannot go outside to get my phone book that I left in the car because it it pouring rain here.
  6. The Chanel at 57th street number is 212- 355-5050
  7. It's possible to find some on ebay. The cambon flats go for 550, but I think the regular ballerinas are under that I believe. I would probably check Saks and NM first. However most of the sales are over.
  8. I was at chanel today and didn't see flats for under 575 - they were gorgeous - I wish they had my size in the one with the chain on the front!!