Chanel ballet flats...please help find!!

  1. I was looking for these shoes preferably in white leather with the black trim but my second choice would be to find them in this pink patent color with the black trim but would REALLY like to find them in the white leather with black trim.

    I need a size 35 or if you have spotted these anywhere in the white or pink color, please let me know, thanks!!!


  2. Ohhh...i know they have it in black, bronze and silver right now...but i really wanted pink or white.

    Saks said they dont have white but I may try another Saks to see if they can search...NM said they dont have anymore in white at all.

    Chanel boutiques have none left in size 35 pink or white
  3. Yea, try another Saks. There are many SAs that say they don't carry it anymore or whatever when they can locate one for you. Good luck and give us an update!