Chanel ballet flats-comfortable or not?

  1. Dear Chanel experts

    Can any one tell me their experience with the classic ballet flats? Are they comfortable for walking around all day?

    I am thinking about getting a pair for traveling.

  2. They are very comfortable, but I noticed after just one day of wearing them they were already creasing. This doesn't bother me but if it something that would bother you then its worth taking into consideration.
  3. thank you hb_l
  4. I have many pairs of ballet flats and wear them to work or for walking during a typical day.

    They are very comfortable, but I'm not sure I would wear mine for long distances of walking. I don't think the thin soles would hold up and I want my shoes to last a long time without having to go in for repair (which after it's done, never looks the exact same to me).

    When I go for longer walks, I usually wear my Chanel Sport shoes.
  5. Have the cambon ballet flats and they are very comfortable. But like Jayne1 says, I don't know if I would use it for longer walks since the sole is very small and thin.
  6. I wore mine to death they were sooooooo comfortable. That is all I wore when I was pregnant.