Chanel Ballerines! guess which color I got?!

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  1. Came back from HK last weekend! We stayed in the new Langham Hotel in Tsimshatsui. It was a stonesthrow away from harbour city/ocean terminal. When we reached Canton Rd. I saw my favorite letters! the double Cs! :yahoo:

    As promised, I did not buy a bag! I got myself the super comfy Chanel flats! guess which one I chose? :graucho:

    chanel flats dark gold.JPG chanel flats silver.JPG
  2. Get the silver. So cute!
  3. Ahhh, both are pretty....which color??? and how much pleaseee?
  4. I bought the gold one since I have the DS 226 that I can match with these, and also with my black jumbo in gold HW!

    GOt it for HK$ 4,500.
  5. cool!!!!
  6. I guessed right -- got a strong gold vibe. They're very pretty, and I love ballerinas, so comfy. Thanks for sharing with us!
  7. How cute! Congrats... and enjoy!
  8. Oooh super cute!
  9. Beautiful!
  10. They're both gorgeous colors ... I think I would have bought them both;) Congrats on your gold flats ... I'm sure it looks fabulous with your bags!
  11. beautiful and chic flats! enjoy! :heart:
  12. they both look great on you, so glad you bought something fabby from your trip :smile:
  13. Both!
  14. silver looks better with your skintone
  15. Cute shoes...Congrats!