Chanel ballerina flats (2tone or quilted black)

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  1. Hi guys

    Im planning to grab my first chanel flats
    But cant decide whether to get the two tone black beige or full black quilted

    Which one would you choose? And which one do you own? Did you guys get the same size for these two?

    If any of you guys own this shoes or have any experience pls let me know. Thank you

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  2. Two tone beige with black toe cap or full black quilted

    Oh and doyou know for this quilted version , what is the material available?

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  3. My SA showed me this quilted one yesterday - that one was distressed calf (like reissue quilteds). It was beautiful, except I was not looking for ballerina flats.
  4. I own the 2 toned I loved it picked it up when I was in Paris!!
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  5. Isit easy to match? I mean if we wear colorful clothes?
  6. Ohhh that means they have few materials for this quilted ya
    Coz if im notmistaken i saw some photo online in caviar
    But im not too sure.
  7. My first pair were the black quilted ones. 2 weeks later I went back and got the two tone ones. I find these two are true classics and you really can't go wrong with either one. If I had to choose only one I would probably go with the black ones. The quilting is beautiful and unique and black goes with everything.
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  8. Wowww thats awesome
    Thank you so much

    May i know what is the material of your quilted ones? And did you get both in the same size?
  9. I own both and they are all around very versatile.

    I tend to grab the two-tone year round and when I wear skirts as the beige tone tends to make my legs look elongated.
  10. Can't go wrong with either styles. I own both the all black and all nude quilted flats. They are super comfy!
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  11. I like the black beige better, plus for your first pair this combo is the all-time classic.
  12. I love two tone and own the white with black cap toe ballet flats but you can never go wrong with basic black either so to me both are a great choice. They're pretty comfy and I wear a 38 which is my standard size in flats :smile:
  13. Both are beautiful flats! Don't think you can go wrong but if it's your first pair I say black more versatile in my opinion! Good Luck
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  14. The classic Black & Beige all the way~ :heart:
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  15. It's a neutral color so I didn't find it hard to match wearing colored clothing