Chanel bags

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  1. Hi all,
    I was looking all over the web for a good site for authentic Chanel bags. The basic black 2.55 flap bag in the large size in lambskin leather. So, I find this site: They had a nice medium size bag for a great price. I ordered the bag on Nov. 20th. So far, no bag. I called 3 times, left 2 messages that were never returned, and held forever and then was hung up on. I emailed once and was told the bag would be shipped 10 days ago. No such luck. Then, last week I emailled to cancel my order and I get a return email today that says I need to call to cancel my order. But, you can't call!!!! No one answers and calls are not returned. THIS COMPANY IS A FRAUD. BEWARE.

    Does anyone have experience with a real website with authentic Chanel bags? Bluefly has had lots of bad press lately.

    Many thanks and Happy Holidays.
  2. Hi!
    We have a Chanel Forum for Chanel specific questions.
    There's a Chanel Shopping Forum within that Forum and a thread there called Authenticate This! Chanel for any questions regarding authenticity.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.