Chanel Bags

  1. Hey Ladies.

    I live in Austria and we have one chanel store in the whole country. The other day I visited the store (I can wish for one for xmas) and I asked for a few I like (an seen on your forum:smile::smile: This site really helps me!) and they told me that once they are sold they are sold and that they could call other Chanel Stores in Europe but chance that they would send one (as they also just get each bag 3x or so) is very rare.
    Do u guys believe that??

    Please help!

    Saskia:wtf:, a great fan of your blog.:tup:
  2. Oh My, that is just not fair., you know, at least Nordstrom in the USA ships overseas, I am not sure about Neiman Marcus nor Saks, but I do know Nordstrom does.....what where you looking for.....? maybe we can get you in touch with a Salesperson who would ship to you.....GRRRRHHHH to those people who would not help you!!!!!:heart:H
    By the way, Austria is soooooo gorgeous, BadenBaden (do not remember how to spell it correctly, is soooooooooo beautiful) as is are lucky to live in such a gorgeous country!!!!!

  3. I wonder why they won't help you!!!:wtf: 4 of my bags were ordered through them and they had them in by express mail in 2-3 days !All of them were very highly sought after bags!
    Besides me a fellow Fer from Asia -and a dear friend eventually -ordered the 226 black reissue with G/H in October when she visited Vienna and they were able to locate it and have it sent to the boutique!
    they might not be able to locate the exact size of a bag if it is really a hard to find one but when the bag you ask is found in another European b THEY ALWAYS HAVE IT SENT TO VIENNA!
  4. could be true:shrugs:
    I'm sure it's the same there as it is in the States, depending on which specific bag and it's specific size and color it's very possible that each boutique in any given country get only a few bags of the specific one you want. That's not odd.
    I know when I wanted the Modern Chain tote in large and in red the first season it was introduces it was difficult to locate as the USA only got x number of them and only some boutiques got them.
  5. Hm...They didnt tell me they wouldnt order me the bag just that it was really hard to find the ones I wanted. and that they wouldnt be able to promise me that they would get those bags.
    What bags did u order Chanelspell?

    And did u pay any extra for sending to austria?

    But the other thing is- what about trying on a bag before u buy it?

    I mean I wanna see the bag on me and have it in my hands before I acutally buy it?! Often I see a bag on a shelf and once I have in my arms or I see it in real life I dont like the bag anymore. Doesnt it happen to any of you??
  6. Actually, I think this is somewhat true depending on the bag. The way I understand it (please take this with a grain of salt, but I'll try to explain the best I can/know how) if it's a very rare bag that you want, the SA at another boutique generally has to have something they wish to trade in order for your local SA to be able to "transfer" it from their store. If they have nothing to "trade", it's more unlikely they will get the bag as the SA in the other store could make a commission off of it so they wouldn't be as apt to let it go.

    You can order from other stores (definitely within the US) that will ship internationally (I know Nordstrom will... I think the fee is around $50USD or so?) I think you may also be able to have the store do a charge send where you will have to pay for the bag, but you could have it shipped to the store, try it on there and then do a return if it doesn't work. I'm not 100% sure about it, but I've done that with my SA in the past when I didn't have someone to pick up packages and the like.

    I hope that makes a bit of sense. It was explained to me awhile ago. Good luck in your search!
  7. This is true, happened to me when I wanted a necklace and my SA found me the last one in Europe, at a Swiss boutique. The Swiss boutique definitely wanted a trade because this was the last piece available. My SA then told them that the necklace was for a famous actrice and that she wanted to wear it at a film premiere. A few days later it was mine and believe me, I'm not a famous actrice :roflmfao:
  8. SaskiaS I never paid anything extra for ordering a bag and in the case of 2 of my bags as well as my friend's the shipping was express and still we were not charged anything!
    I understand that you have to try on a bag before you order it but in my case I didn't care cause I really wanted the bags I ordered and also the pics of the lovely fers here were of great help to me!
    FYI the bags I ordered from them were the med/large red lambskin with the new/bijoux chain,the black reissue with G/H(I actually ordered it in a smaller size but I was present when the manager was checking it up with the other European b/s and I was pleasantly surprised when she actually got it in the 228 -a HG bag for me lol). The other 2 were the 225 light siver reissue and the new large baby cabas -both of them were at the b when I first saw them but reserved for other customers so I had to order them too!
    I must add that it was extremely difficult to locate the bags at the time of my orders but they managed it !

    May I ask you in turn which bags are you interested in and can't find/order them through the boutique?

    P.S. Habanerita hi! I hope you don't mind me make a little correction concerning Badedbaden, because a lot of visitors here in Austria confuse Badenbaden which is located in Southern Germany and Baden which is a few klm south of Vienna hehe!:yes:
    in the case of Badenbaden it really is a shopper's Paradise with many majestic buildings and expensive SPAs(the name means =bath hehe),boutiques cafes restaurants =a high end destination in an idyllic region in the Black Forest ,while Baden is a small village with some thermals but only a hotel /casino .it doesn't offer much to the visitor but it's a kind of typical Austrian village IMO!:smile:
  9. Beautylicious, that is freaking priceless! I love it!
  10. the chanel store in vienna is too small...
    i once ordered a bag from munich and had it sent to my home address in vienna, it was no problem.
    you cann call there, maybe they can help.
  11. Girls,when I want to order a bag I deal directly with the manager of the b. hehe!;)
    Nat I remember the case with the necklace and how cleverly your SA handled it !:tup:
  12. Hi, I am so sorry, all this time I thought I had been in Austria, after driving in the black forest up to Badenbaden.....possibly one of the most beautiful places I have seen, .guess not, next time will definitely go to Baden.....but...ROFL, I loved Badenbaden.....and, I definitely LOVE, VIENNA and please don't tell me I wasn't in Austria there either.....ROFL I wonder why I always thought Badenbaden was in Austria....I guess it was all the driving across the black forest, back to Lago Como, etc....Oh Well.....thanks chanelspell., hugs:heart:H

  13. haha Habanerita! when I first visited Baden I thought I was gonna see something like Badenbaden lol :p...far from it unfortunately ( I mean no offense to any Austrians here lol)
    but many touristic agencies advertise it like being similar and many people get confused:yes::confused1:...oh lake Como and L.Maggiore ...lucky Italians!:heart:
  14. Hello Chanelspell & all the other ladies here!:girlsigh:

    Well, those are the Bags I really would love to have:

    2.55 Reissue in Gold Metallic? Or Bronze...



    Or the second one - just in GOLD/Bronze.. Not in Silver..



    This Cambon Ligne Bowler - but the Chanel Lady in Vienna told me its sold out... and not produced anymore...

    And the 3rd Bag (pic above just in light gold) - I would like to have this one chanel luxury ligne bowler in gold/dark gold metallic.
    But also by this bag I was told its sold out.

    And at last I would like to have the Chanel Coco Cabas in Leather in Black - like this one on the pic below - just in black - [​IMG]

    But in the Vienna Store they only had it in Satin- and I want it in Leather- Satin is so.. dont know .. Na.. Want the Chanel Leather:smile: :yes:

    But I think most of them arent produced anymore or were just a one season bag... especially the luxury bowler I think...

    Chanelspell... any ideas if I could get those Bags in Vienna or Europe?
  15. Some bags are limited edition so it's hard to find them esp when there is one and not so big Cb in the country.
    if there are any of these bags still somewhere in Europe I'm pretty sure they will do a search in their system if you ask them and try to have them sent in the b for you!
    otherwise if you desperately want some of them then try USA stores which ship to Europe (there have been many threads about that in the Shopping subforum) or e-bay !Good luck!

    btw how much in Euros was the Satin cabas and in what colour??TIA!