Chanel Bags

  1. Hey Ladies.

    First of all I wanted to tell you girls that I am addicted to this Forum since a few days.. its unbelievable!:smile:

    Second, I wanted to ask you how many times Chanel changes their Bags per year. Twice I guess, Summer and Winter, or?
    And how many Bags do they always design for a season?
    Most Designers (except maybe Gucci or LV) only bring out a few. I have the Cruise/Summer 2008 Booklet at home from Chanel and there are only like 8 Bags present.
    And I heard that the moment one of these Bags are out they are out. Are not produced again or so.
    Just the classic ones like the 2.55 etc.

    Can anyone help me here?

    :love:XOXO Saskia
  2. wish it was so easy to tell you, but it's not! LOL!

    There's no set # of designs or colors and you never know if they'll bring some back for another season or not.
    But Chanel debuts new designs more like 4 times/year I think.

    There's a selection called Timeless Classic, and everything that is named Timeless Classic_ ____ will be back, it's permanent,
    for example: Timeless Classic Clutch, Timeless Classic Tote, Timeless Classic Flap. . . . .

    then they debut some new lignes and sometimes old lignes that are not permanent.
    Sometimes the old lignes they bring back will have a different leather or color selection . . . .
    does any of this make sense?

    Chanel has a TON to choose from in any given 12 months, I think they have more to offer than any other designer I can think of.