Chanel bags

  1. Hi, is there a website that list all the bags that Chanel ever made? My mother-in-law gave me a Chanel bag which I never used and I want to know what the model of it is. I've never used it and I'm thinking of selling it but I have no idea what it's worth or what it's called. She use to work for Chanel and got me tons of other Chanel stuff which I love. But this bag suites her taste more than mine so I want to sell it. Thanks.

    Oh, one more thing. Inside the bag is says Made in Italy but some of the other bags I've seen says they're made in France. Does that help in any way?
  2. might want to describe or post pics of your bag here and we can help you identify it. I don't know of any website that has a handbag archive on-line though.....I WISH!

    The other thing you can do is go on eBay to see if anyone is selling a bag similar to yours and see what prices they are getting....but try us gals first. We may be able to help you.
  3. OK, I'll take a picture of it and figure out how to post it here.
  4. There isn't a website with all of the bags listed. Chanel itself has an archives, and you might possibly be able to 'research' your bag if you went that route. It's not usually easy for customers to obtain help in that way (not because people are unwilling, but because SAs don't usually have access to the company archives either, and it's not a public archives).

    It would probably be easier to post pictures of your bag.
  5. Yeah, I'd suggest posting a photo.
    GO down to 'Manage Attachments' and click that, you can browse for your pic on your computer and attach it there.
  6. Here are some pictures my husband just took. BTW, while he was taking the pictures he found a tube of Chanel lipstick and nail polish that my mother-in-law must have suffed in one of the pockets. There's also a "CARTE D'AUTHENTICITE" and two booklets with it. Anyway, if any info on the bag and what it's worth would be greatly appreciated.
    P5070001.JPG P5070002.JPG P5070003.JPG P5070004.JPG P5070005.JPG P5070006.JPG P5070007.JPG
  7. Hi Payten - Do you know when your mother-in-law purchased it. The reason I ask is because it looks like an older Chanel to me but one of the booklets and autenticity card makes it about a 2003 bag. There is another booklet (the one with the gold trim) that was used with older bags, which I am thinking may belong to this bag. So it looks like a few things may have gotten mixed up between two bags.

    Anyway, does the bag have a serial number located anywhere in the bag? This can solve a big clue. Since your mother-in-law used to work for Chanel, if circumstances allowed, does she have any connections to a sales person (old collegues/connections) that can help answer your question or (okay probably dumb to ask and with all respect) maybe she would know, again I guess depending on the circumstances.
  8. ooh- it's pretty! But I can totally see how it wouldn't suit your tastes- it doesn't "do it" for me either.
  9. that's a pretty bag!! i love it!
  10. I'll try to remember to check for a serial number when I get home. My mother-in-law used to work for Chanel. She's retired now for a couple of years but when she was working there she would buy just about as much as she can and holds on to them for future gift giving purposes. She gave me the bag about 2 Christmas's ago and I don't know how long she's had it before giving it to me. So I don't know how old the bag is. It is quite possible that some of the documentations/litrerature I got could have been mixed up with other bags she's got. Side note, the tube of lipstick and bottle of nail polish she put in the bag is at least a couple of years old as well. Do they ever expire?
  11. Guess what? :yes:

    We should have a thread with Chanel catalogue here in Chanel Bags department, with all model names, materials and colours, new and vintage. Just like the one in the Hermès thread, the 'Sticky: Hermes Informative Catalog' :upsidedown:
  12. Hi Payten,

    Unfortunately, I think the lipstick probably expired, but the nail polish may still be good.:yes: That is awesome that she gave you the bag, what a nice present - I wish I were in your shoes. The serial number will help out alot so at least you can match up the booklets, cards,etc, just in case you do sell.

    I know there are some SA's who work for Chanel that are PF members so hopefully they will check out the posting.
  13. Great! I'll definitely look for the serial number on the bag. The last picture I posted with the card and the booklets has the number on the card but it is difficult to read... that's assuming that the card is really for the bag and not a different bag.
  14. it's a pretty bag! i don't think i'll use something like that often though :smile:
  15. OK, so I checked the serial number in the bag with the number on the card and they match. The serial number is 7035838 and one of the booklets does have a gold trim around it. That booklet is written in like 3 different languages (French, English, Japanese). Does that help?