Chanel Bags

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  1. does anyone know where i can buy real chanel bags online? and i saw a girl the other day with a chanel bag in a fabric material with like a chain design on it.. anyone know what im talking about?
  2. i think the only online store that sells authentic chanel bags is
  3. Bluefly is the only place that I know of that sells real Chanel, but their selection is gross old stuff, nothing is even cute. Other than that no place online I dont think sells REAL Chanel, a lot of sites probably claim to but Chanel doesnt sell to people to sell online. Even Neiman's who sells Chanel in their stores dont sell it online. If you want a bag call a Chanel store directly or go to your closest Chanel or NM.
  4. That is so true for NM, although they do feature bags in their catalogs a lot so presumably you can obtain them through mail order.
  5. I'm looking to purchase a new bag. I'd like something practical, a big black leather bag that i can carry all day any suggestions?
  6. Sounds like the Coco Croco bag from pre-fall.
  7. maybe a tote?? N/S tote? or a GST?
  8. I'd say if you're not that good on authenticating Chanel's from eBay (Or if you just want one that's completely new, as I sometimes do.) your best bet would be to call an SA and place a phone order for a bag, (if you want a specific style) you can get a good SA's phone number from anyone on tpf, and if you don't live that state they'll ship it to you.
  9. Baby Cabas or Cotton Club Tote :smile:
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