chanel bags with pink lining

  1. Are fakes being made with the pink lining as well?
  2. Cambons? Absolutely:yes:
  3. yes!!! I saw a super fake, with pink lining!!! and man it was good! the guy there(oh i was at a consignment shop in fort lauderdale) who owns the store originally tried selling it as if It was real, when I started laying into him he got super pissy it was really funny!!! I said why would you possibly be asking this much for a fake bag and he said its a REALLY good fake bag, I dont know how much your use to paying for fakes but this is high end. I just looked at him and was like umm hello I dont BUY fake bags I buy real ones. he wanted me out of his store SOOO FUNNY!! I WANTED TO SAY" DONT YOU BE TAPPING THOSE LAST SEASON PRADA SHOES AT ME":lol: AND THEN WALK OUT!! Sometimes I just kill myself!!
  4. And they would probably be last season's FAKE Prada shoes at that! :roflmfao:
  5. Oh dear! Are they allowed to sell fake bags in shops??? Yucks. And yup, sorry back to the thread, some fake cambons come in pink lining too.
  6. no, they're not allowed to sell "fakes" anywhere, it's illegal.