Chanel bags: What catches your eye and makes you buy?

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  1. Chanel bags with chain straps always catch my eye, then I think about the colour and finally its usually got be to a shoulder bag - for me to part with my £££s.

    How about you?
  2. For me, colors come first....and of course, since I'm a flapaholic, all flaps catch my attention!! LOL!!
  3. Anything Metallic. I have a gold vintage tote with tortoise handles, a larger tote from a few years ago and a bright yellow gold 2.55 purchased in 2007. Hoping that the GST will come out with one for cruise.
  4. Is it large?
    Is it a tote?
    Will it ft over my shoulder?
    Is it black?
    Is it relatively plain without too much extra/unnecessary HW?
    Is the CC logo small?
    Is it Chanel? :heart:
  5. If it's a flap in a color I don't have, I'm in big trouble. I broke free of black and it would have to be something special like the star imprint bag that we saw pics of but sadly never made it to production to bring me back to black. A beautiful tweed or a small kelly style (again flap) would have me crawling and begging for mercy. Then there's python, did I saw crawling -- sorry, slithering and begging.
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    Does it have a long enough drop to wear comfortably on the shoulder?

    Is it at least as large as the jumbo classic flap?

    Do I like the color?

    Is is leather?

    Does it have a small or medium sized cc closure or signature?

    Does it have a body-hugging sleek silhouette?

    Does it have a ziptop or flapover closure?
  7. Hope Chanel is listening . . . :rolleyes:
  8. For me it's the chains,the cc's and the GORGEOUS patent leather Chanel makes. Simply the best.:drool:
  9. For me, it's the colour and then the style of the bag!
  10. shoulder bag and a mix of edgy and classic! should have at least 3 of these 4 major Chaneley things:
    chain handle
    interlocking CC
    CC etched on the bag in stitching
  11. I love bags that shine! So lambskin is definitely doing that for me, plus the quilting makes the bags even shinier!
  12. I would say.. the one bag that has recently caught my eye and has me wishing, dreaming..thinking of it is the small quilted lambskin tote in is beautiful...!
  13. Chains, chains, chains! :P
  14. 1) Chain straps
    2) Caviar/style of the bag/is it sturdy?
    3) Color
  15. color: I love bright color and interwoven chain
    metallic catches my eyes too