Chanel Bags Take Over Town Center Mall In Boca!

  1. Ohhhh so so impressive! today while at work (am fragrance rep now for Juicy Couture - was for Chanel in Nov-Dec) while standing by the door at Nordstrom handing out samples, i counted all the purses walking into Nordie's from the mall. Town Center Mall in Boca Raton is a very upscale nice place, and i must tell you, girls, Chanel bags far outnumbered any other! I must have seen hundreds of people pass...and the most popular designer bags were Chanels and the most carried Chanels today seemed to be the GST, the classic flap (jumbo and medium), saw one Ritz, and suddenly i felt a rush of joy at being part of this exclusive club of purse goddesses :p :yahoo: :jammin:

    not only in the real world but a part of tPF too!!!!
  2. LOL!!!!Thanks for the Boca report!!HEEHEE!You always have the funniest stories!
  3. I like being a "purse goddess" Claudia! Do "goddesses" get a discount?:smile:
  4. LOL your too funny! Thanks for the special report!
  5. Hi there! I live in Jupiter and on the occasions that I get down to Town Center I HAVE noticed all of the Chanel bags! Many more than at the usual mall! :yes:
  6. :lol: wat an interesting thread! You're so cute!
  7. Love the story and what a great way to pass the time!!
  8. Holy Cloudy Bundle! Pink Petunia, you're a so. fla. girl too???? well what are we waitin' for? :yahoo: I hear the clarion call of a Palm Beach County Chanel purse get-together! Lets see, you, me, Maxaluna....I know there are others...(Jupiter is in PBCounty, isnt it? if not, then like one county north) is there a Chanel boutique in the Wellington Nordstrom, do you think? if so, we shall caravan up there and meet you!!!!
    and Penny, i am planning with the powers that be (like, Anna Wintour of Vogue magazine LOL) for Chanel goddesses to get a frickin purse FREE! Discount, indeed! uh uh we deserve better LOL
  9. lol isn't purse-watching fun? heh you're too cute, purse-onality! =D
  10. I am in Palm Beach Gardens. We just recently got a Chanel store in the PBG Mall as well as Gucci.... LV has been there....It's beautiful for those Fl girls that haven't been there. Then there is always Palm Beach for Chanel too !
    Jupiter is the next town up from where I live:yes: and one of the places I work is in Jupiter (Admiral's Cove)

    I've also been to the Town Center and it's very nice too !
  11. I have to take a road trip to visit Boca.
  12. I wanna know too lol!:p
  13. great story! :yes: Funny how we notice bags on people! Even on my TV shows I notice them! LOL
  14. I used to watch a lot of ice skating competitions on TV and there was a Russian coach who always wore fur coat and a Chanel bag. Strange how quickly our eye picks up details. How many of us watched O.C. just to see if Mischa was toting Chanel?
  15. I am an obsessive purse-watcher as well! When watching TV I sometimes even crane my neck as the handbag moves off-screen (yeah, as if I can see it if I move my head around :p )